Everything You Need to Know about Wi-Fi Extenders

Whether it’s your home that is too big, the rooms that are located too far from each other or the walls that are too thick – in any case, you might find yourself having troubles with having a good Wi-Fi signal. The easiest solution to this problem is getting a Wi-Fi extender (or repeater), but what are those things actually? In this article you will learn everything you need to know about Wi-Fi extenders/repeaters.

How do they work?

Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi repeaters are pretty much the same since they perform the same function – improve Wi-Fi coverage. They connect to the existing Wi-Fi network through one wireless router and – as the names suggest – repeat or extend the signal through another router.

How to install them?

Wi-Fi extenders, even though pretty complicated in their structure, are very easy to install. What you need to do is place the device where it can receive your current Wi-Fi signal, log into it with your computer, insert the details of your Wi-Fi network into the device and then allow it to connect. Better place it in a central location without any obstruction for better signal transmission.

Is there any speed loss?

Unfortunately, in some cases speed loss in unavoidable with Wi-Fi extenders, but it’s not grave. However, we still advise you using it for the area where you don’t need a very strong internet connection and keeping the original Wi-Fi router in the place you need it the most.

Does it require manual connection?

Wi-Fi extenders/repeaters represent the same Wi-Fi signal, so you don’t need to connect to them manually – your devices will switch between the networks automatically.

These are general facts about Wi-Fi extenders. Interested? Browse through different types of efficient extenders and repeaters on this page.

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