What to Look for in Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are very simple and needed gadgets thanks to which you can improve your interior by getting rid of unnecessary wires that only create mess. Many smart phone models now support wireless charging, and they even offer their own wireless chargers. However, you don’t necessarily need to buy a charger of the same brand as your phone, there are plenty other options on the market. Whatever your choice will be, you still need to know the basic criteria on which to choose the charger, and here they are.


Most brandless chargers already support the most common OS, Android and iOS. Yet there are some that support only one of them and that might be a problem if you want to share your charger with someone in your family or simply want to charge devices from different manufacturers. In this case, you need to be attentive and take a charge that is compatible with all models. And if you’re planning to charge devices of one and same OS, just pick up the one that it’s compatible with – it will probably be a cheaper option. 


Knowing the charger’s wattage allows you to predict how fast the charging itself will be. Yet it’s not only about the charger’s wattage, but about your phone’s too. Many phones absorb only 7.5 watts, though for some the number can go up to 10 watts. So, the optimal choice would be a charger providing 10 watts, since a higher number wouldn’t be more effective anyway.


Generally, wireless chargers aren’t very different and there are two main types: charging pads that allow horizontal charging and charging stands that allow vertical charging. Stands serve as phone holders, which makes it easier to check notifications and so on, while pads are more compact.

You can find both types of efficient wireless chargers here.

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